Knit Wear

These are the first pictures of my finished sweater and dress on my model, Lacey. I am really happy with how it turned out. It is misshapen, awkward and uneven all meticulously patterned and perfect.  Tomorrow we present to the critique panel.

knitwear fromtknitwear left sideknitwear right sideknitwear back


Sweater Before Felting

pre felting sweaterIt is perfect and beautiful and I have to toss it into the washer and shrink it down. Here’s hoping I did the math right and it will come out the right size.










Knitting on the Machine

This is my new/old knitting machine.  I say old because I think it is actually older than I am.  It is a Brother Kh 820 and after some basic but time consuming maintenance and cleaning it is running great.

machine front

machine carriage

Scrap bag sweater

This is the first time that I have EVER finished an actual sweater.  I make a lot of scarves and hats and have saved up all of this scrap yarn and finally found the motivation to put it into something.sweater1 I need more color, can’t get enough of it.
sweater-close-upI started out with the Wenlan Chia pattern from Knit Knit but I didn’t follow it closely and left all of my mistakes right where I made them.  I twisted 3-4 yarns together to get the super bulk and crazy color.